Metaphysical Fitness

Beyond the physical.


Masculine Mastery
December 3-4, 2016

Enroll in a weekend of masculine practices
to increase physical strength, ignite sexual polarity,
and tap the root of your life's deepest purpose.


Yoga of Intimacy
CoEd Practice Evenings

Join Justin Patrick Pierce & Londin Angel Winters
for an evening exploration of polarity, depth, and
devotional love through intimate yogic practices.
Wednesdays | 7pm-10pm | Santa Monica, CA


Awakening the Love Body

A weekly embodied women's practice.
Saturdays | 8am-10am | Venice, CA


Sacred Snake Dancing

Intro Classes, Custom Classes
And Private Sessions
in Venice, CA.


Upcoming Workshops

Masculine Mastery

Saturday & Sunday, December 3-4, 2016

Enroll in a weekend of masculine practices to increase physical strength, ignite sexual polarity, and tap the root of your life’s deepest purpose. 

Click here for details & registration.

Yoga of Intimacy, CoEd Practice Evenings

Wednesdays | 7pm-10pm | Santa Monica, CA

Join Justin Patrick Pierce & Londin Angel Winters for an evening of practices inspired by the work of David Deida. 

Click here for details & registration.

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The work that I've done with Metaphysical Fitness has transformed and improved me beyond recognition.

Dr. David Bach, MDFounder & President, The Platypus Institute | Studying the Science of Human Performance

Being a part of the Metaphysical Fitness Women’s Program has elevated and freed up my mind, my body, my spirit, and my being… beyond its original dimension of existence.

Allison Harris-BallardSpiritual Healer & Owner, Harmonic Hands

Since beginning this practice I've experienced an ability to stay more present, grounded, and more conscious of the subtle shifts in energy throughout my days.

Jonathan MeadFounder, and Uncaged Human

My personal objectives were to advance both my physical and spiritual capacities. I know of no other body of work that is able to blend the two as effectively as Metaphysical Fitness.

Dr. Stephen Bochner, MD

My experience with Metaphysical Fitness has been absolutely life changing. Not only have I seen tremendous improvement in strength, fitness and appearance, but I also feel more grounded and connected to my higher self and my higher purpose.

Dennis L. DubanOwner at DLD Accountancy